Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sorry, no pictures....just my weekly blog

Blogging from work again.  No pictures.  I actually haven't even seen the pictures of Halloween myself yet.  I was working.  I probably could have got it off had I wanted to, but I figured we needed the $ so very reluctantly I went to work. 

Steve took the girls to the ward trunk or treat.  Kiera has been counting down for 2 weeks (literally counting).  Their ride to the party bailed on them a few hours before it started so Steve had to frantically call everyone trying to find a ride.  He finally found one 30 minutes before it started.  The girls didn't get to bed until 2 hours past bedtime because Steve couldn't find a ride home either.  But at least they had fun.  Steve said they were wearing their costumes (cinderella and sleeping beauty) for hours before the event but apparently right before they left to go they both decided they wanted to wear something else so they ended up wearing tu-tu's to trunk-or-treat in.    Oh well! 

In our previous house or next door neighbor was a very nice lady who would randomly come over with mountains of gifts for my girls (I'm talking like $200+ worth of gifts in one day).  We haven't seen her since we moved in may, but she came and found us in our new house and unexpectedly brought us mountains of gifts again for our little ladies tonight for Halloween.  I'm not going to complain!  What a blessing!! 

As of now I'm working 37 hours per week.  Busy busy busy.  OH, and the tiny room I work in is infested with cockroaches which is disgusting.  Last night they were crawling around the diaper change table as I was changing my patient's diaper.  Tonight when I picked up my lunch bag off of the floor, one crawled out.  I see them crawling up walls, up my employer's leg.  YUCKY!!!!!!  


Gramps said...

No princesses for Halloween?!? Amazing. What a nice ex-neighbor you have. As for the cockroaches, one cockroach egg in your lunch bag, your pant cuff, etc. could start an infestation in your house. Be careful. Thanks for posting! I can't wait to see pictures when you finally get them up...but I understand your busy schedule. So...what's up with your surrogate?

Marilyn said...

Yeah, I hope Steve took pictures to post. And if I were you, I would not take a sack lunch home with you. I would leave it there, in the trash! You don't want to get a cockroach infestation they are REALLY hard to get rid of!

Brett said...

Nasty shmashty. Sounds like you need a princess plastic lunch box.