Thursday, October 28, 2010


<- - - -  The Dastrup blog is back!  Christa, did you know you can have one email address forward email to another with gmail?  You can use both email addresses but only actually use one.  I do that.  I have my gmail address forwarded to my address so anyone that sends me email to my gmail account will get to my novell account.


Christa said...

The blog is back online but I still can't access it or my old gmail account. I was looking for some way to contact google last night and came across some forums, and it looks like hundreds of people have had the same problem-- with no solution.

Gramps said...

How dare them. I'll boycott your old blog then. At least you can now save it and print it out.

Brett said...

And now you have a good reason to get rid of the Albuquerque ties in the blog address.