Sunday, October 31, 2010

I think this birthday will be her last...

We just got back from the Care center. My mom was quite out of it today. She mostly slept through our conversations with dad. She was really struggling to try to get a drink out of the straw. It has a cap that you can cover the straw with and she kept trying to drink out of that, even though I kept putting the straw in her mouth and trying to get her to suck on that. I finally removed the cap and she did better. But she was on another planet today.

For those of you who remember Wanda-the lady in the wheelchair that was always trying to find someone to take her home. Well, God finally did. She died yesterday from a viral infection. Rather sobering really. She seemed like she was doing great on Wednesday when I saw her. She still had her blue bear and was eating dinner. I thought she was the most likely one in there to outlive the rest. Dorothy , another resident who lived there, came in mom's room one day and laid down on the bed. When the CNA came to get her and take her back to her room, she said, "I'm not going in there, there aren't any people there!" She wanted to be where there were visitors, hers or not. She also died this week. She had been a widow for 50 years, so I am CERTAIN there was a very happy reunion for her in Heaven.
Both of those women had seemed pretty perky before they died. It made me realize how little time we might have left with mom. It could be this week.
Mom's birthday is Nov 12th. We will be having a sibling dinner there that night. She may not be very aware of her surroundings enough to even begin to have a conversation, but she likes her people there. Every time I go to leave, she protests. I know she won't be with us for very much longer...I think at the most she may have only 3 months. If any of you are interested in sending her a Bday card here is her address: 2877 W Center St; Provo, UT 84601

Mom has been such an influence for good on me. Any good qualities I may have are because of my sweet mother. And I know that part of the reason you kids did so well in school was because of the Education Scholarship $ she started with her kids and carried on with her grand kids (and because she did it and it had been a good motivator for me, I also wanted to do it with you kids) Since you got $ in no other way, it helped you to be good students. But more than that, I just appreciate that she taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I value my testimony of the church and my great love for my Heavenly Father more than anything else. She put me on that path to happiness I have now, and as I see the trials in the world today that people struggle with, and how so many don't know where to turn for peace and happiness that I know, I just feel sorry for them. I wish I could just give people what the gospel has given me. But that is something people have to do individually. Well, enough. I mostly just thought I would share how mom is doing.


Chad said...

Yeah... Last time we were over there she was pretty out of it. She kept asking me which group I was with, and I kept telling her I was Chad -- her Grandson. The staff said she was real sleepy. We tried to get her to take a walk with her walker, and she made it about 15 feet in 15 minutes. We put her in the wheelchair from there. For the most part she seemed like she wasn't involved in the conversation, except for when we talked about canning peaches. She was somewhat attentive for that part.

Christa said...

I miss my Grandma. It will be a sad day when she finally goes, but a happy one too.

Cambrie said...

So sad to hear about grandma being in such a state. I just hope that her death is peaceful and pain and anxiety-free.
I'll be sure to send her a card.

Mom-- if you haven't already, please give her one of those pictures of Lyida.