Sunday, October 24, 2010


You are all likely to think that I should have made this decision about 15 years ago, but I couldn't because I was raisin' kids.
As Kim mentioned, yesterday I spent most of the day canning Spagetti Sauce and basil/garlic tomatoe juice. I had lots of time to think.
I am always trying to figure out ways that I will have more time to do Family History and geneology, which is always calling me to come do it. It is why I have taken out 2 of my flowerbeds in my front yard, so that I will have more time for Family History. Well, yesterday, I decided that I can "Can" most of my canning! All except for the stuff that I can't buy something reasonably close at the store. That means that I won't have things all be exactly how I prefer them, but we will survive that, probably.
I am glad I did it for all of those years you kids were home. It saved us a lot of money and helped teach my children to work, which is one of the most valuable things you can teach them, (right after teaching them the things about Christ and his true gospel). But those times are past. Now, I need to seek out my ancestors and give them access to the most priceless gift ever. It is a driving need in me.
So don't be surprised if I start offering up my canning jars as I empty them. Right now, they are nearly all full...but it won't stay that way.
BTW, if anyone wants to bottle tomatoe anything...Webers have about 15 bushels of them in their garden that will get frozen Monday night. They are welcoming any takers.


Gramps said...

And NO you can't have a bottle of dilly beans and NO you can't have a bottle of chili sauce. I'm going to be hording them. :-)

Brett said...

I would have loved it if you made this choice while we were still living in Orem.

Marilyn said...

Yes, Brett, I am sure you would have, but there is a good chance that if I had, You would currently be a whiz at every computer and nintendo system out there, and you would still be living in our basement and wondering why anyone would ever want to grow up and get a real job. See what favors I did by delaying this decision?