Sunday, October 17, 2010

It may not be Thanksgiving yet but...

I just haft ta say that I love my life! How I enjoyed having most of my favorite people here this week! We missed Brett and Breanna...hopefully we can pull off the party with both of them next year.
It was so fun to have our little Nelson ladies to entertain us this week. Grandkids are the best! We tended for the Dastrups yesterday while Christa was gone. That Ty! The kid never stops! and everywhere he goes, he's gotta be on the run! So cute. And Benjamin was clueing Uncle Stevo in on more about BYU foot ball than even Steve knew (we saw a BYU flag on someones flagpole today at half-mast: Sorry about your loss!)
Kim was busy loving on Jacob and trying once again to out smart that boy to keep his pants on. This time he put the suspender pants on UNDER the t-shirt so he couldn't slide the straps off his shoulders...and it worked for the few hours longer that we were there. And we always enjoy Emmy's loves. She loves to cuddle, and we love it too!
How blessed I am to have such a great family! And we are excited that as of today, it is growing even bigger! :) :) :) Stage 1 and Day 1 of pregnancy for Cambrie's surrogate, has begun. Welcome, very little ones! We shall pray for your well being, as well as your little cousin in another oven.
I love the gospel and the great happiness it brings to me! I feel sorry for those who don't have it. I am grateful that Breanna is able to share what I love so much with the good people in Georgia who need to find the happiness that I have.
And I am grateful for the wonderful man I married. He spoils me more than I deserve, and I hope that you all will grow into the great relationship that comes with 34 years of what was at times very hard work to improve our marriage. It has been SO WORTH IT!
I love the beauty of nature. I am sitting in our back yard enjoying the colors change to deep fall color! I love it. I know that the colors will quickly fade to winter approaching, but I love that too. Time to rest from all that comes with Spring and summer. And time to dive into my passion: Family History and Temple work! I love it, and I love the blessings that I see and have seen from doing it. When in the Lord's service, he blesses you. Pure and simple. You can never "get ahead" of the Lord. I just wish I had gotten into it earlier.
Anyway, thanks for reading the overflow of love for life. I just had to share.


Gramps said...

I love you too...lots.

Erica said...

So much to be grateful for! :)

Christa said...

You do have a lot of cute grandkids. Can't wait to meet the next batch!