Monday, October 11, 2010

Nelson women have arrived!

Yesterday Brett/Katie showed up for some free food and we enjoyed their company for a while.  They drove us down to see Grandma (I never get to sit in the back seat of a car and just look around while driving the freeway!).  Grandma was a little quieter/slower/etc. than she had been the day before but still was able to make everyone laugh a couple of times.  She sure loves her babies.  Everyone got a good chuckle when she was cooing over one of the "babies" and said "Isn't she just a doll!?!"  Nelson ladies finally arrived at our place about 6:30 and it was wonderful to get those little lady hugs.   They immediately headed for the basement where Grandma pulled out the princess stuff for them and they were just content. I sure hope things go well for Punkin' while she's here this time.  Stevo arrives on Tuesday (I think that's what Cambrie said) and we get to party for a few days.  Speakin' of party.....this Friday's bash looks to be a good'n.

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