Saturday, October 16, 2010

More halloween food

Here is more food from the halloween party. All the adults had fun making it and all the kids had fun eating it. Everyone thought the witch fingers were a little too realistic to really enjoy, but I thought they were great (I made them!). The frozen hand in the punch bowl didn't turn out exactly like we had planned. Just the wrong fingers broke off. Brigham was offended so he had to break the last one off. I liked the bowl of worms and the mummy pizzas. Wish you were here Buff! Next year.


Marilyn said...

Definitely a new tradition maker. But I think that we will make it a little easier on ourselves next year. Some of those games would have been fun to do more than once so we wouldn't have needed to prepare for that many.
I had a good time! Great idea Gramps!

Erica said...

I'd be fine with repeating some of this year's games next year too. Fun times.

Stevo said...

Who ever made the juice wasn't too happy about that assignment--can't sneak that by us!!!