Saturday, October 16, 2010

A rip roarin' Halloween Party

Wow....what a party! Here is the video: We missed Brett and Buff. :-( Katie brought Carmel Apples (mmm!) Erica brought a pot of worms (mmm!) Christa brought monster apple bites and spider web dip (mmmm!) Cambrie made a monster hand dip, Steve carved the watermellon brain, grandma made the graveyard cake, the punch bowl hand, and I made the vegetable man tray, the spider candy tray, the witch fingers (actually, there was a coven in our back yard and I just killed and burned them all but I saved their fingers so it wasn't hard) and yer ma and I made the mummy pizzas. Here are ALL THE PICTURES: 

We played some games...not all went well.  Pin the nose on the pumpkin didn't make it.  Musical electric chairs was a hit.  Ping pong ball hockey was fun for all.  A balloon stomp which everyone enjoyed (because there was money in some of the balloons).  Outdoor races which the kids really enjoyed, especially when riding on parent's shoulders.  We danced (video above). We also carved pumpkins outside on the patio because it was so warm.   The most funny moment for me was when Chad put on the monster mask and looked at Emmy and she came unglued.....then Erica came over to comfort her, but forgot she was wearing a gold wig which Emmy didn't appreciate either!  The whole thing was a real hoot!  Good idea Kim!  The littlest people were just a little too young to enjoy it all, but by next year they should like it better.  Thanks everyone for making it a blast!


Katie Groneman said...

It was very fun! Hopefully Brett can come next year. And I'm sorry about not eating a witch finger... just couldn't do that one. Though the worms and mummy pizza were very tasty.

Christa said...

Thanks for hosting it. We all had a great time! And ditto to Katie's comment on the fingers. Yuck!

Erica said...

I thought the witch fingers were great. I think it was actually one of the only things Emmy ate (besides the decorated cookies, or course).

We loved the party! :) Thanks for all the effort you guys put into it. It paid off.