Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cambrie is as old as Gramps!

Happy birthday old daughter of mine. How does it feel to be as old as I am. It's strange these days to have half of my kids as old or older than I am. Oh well, I suppose I can deal with it. 29 is a special age....I should know...I've been 29 for years now. Anyway...I miss you and your family. It was a sad day around here yesterday. I'm glad you & Steve can be together for your birthday though because you should spend special days with the most special person in your life. I hope your birthday is a good one!


Chad said...

Happy Birthday, Cambrie! Hope you have a good day.

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday again Cambrie! You deserve a better day than nausea and the other discomforts of post extraction. I hope you get better soon! I wish you had been able to stay so that I could spoil you on your birthday....but I know you and your little ladies were ready to get back to Stevo. Let us know what house you decided on, when you decide! Love you bunches!

Erica said...

Happy birthday! It was so great having you guys here!