Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Request for recipes

So I've been getting out of my cooking funk by trying out some recipes on the family recipe site. It's been fun, and yummy too! I have a few requests of food I've eaten at your houses. If you're willing to share the recipe, please post them on the fam site and we'll probably be having them over here sometime in the not-too-distant future.

--Christa salads (I know you probably just throw them together, but they're delish!)
--Tilapia (we had this at the Nelson's house a while ago)
--Christa Quesadillas (You add something like spinach and something else, right? We had these at the Nelson's house too and it was a nice change to the regular quesadillas we're used to. We add All Season Salt to ours.)
--Marilyn Spaghetti Sauce-for canning (We plan to can this this year using the tomatoes from our garden--assuming we have long enough of a growing season to get a lot of tomatoes!)


Gramps said...

What?!? You didn't request anything from me? Sheesh...I know when my cooking stinks (besides Marilyn telling me so)

Erica said...

You already have posted your stuff on the website! :) We've made the curry lots of times. :)

Cambrie said...

Ok I'll find one and put it on.
The telapia is Christa's recipe. She makes it much better than I do.

Oh ps-- Christa I still want your pasta/red peppers recipe