Monday, April 18, 2011

FHE at the Chad Groneman family's house

Thanks Chad and Erica for inviting us over today.  Me n' the girls had a lovely afternoon,\ evening at Emmy's house.  Erica pointed out that we rarely have time to talk to each other at large family gatherings because there is always too much going on.  It was nice to have some more personal time with the Gronemans.  The 3 munchkins got along fabulously.  After about 15 minutes of them being downstairs in the basement I decided to go and check on them.  I went down to discover them completely covered in dirt.  Chad had swept their basement floor into a lovely dirt pile which the girls were rolling, stomping in, kicking and throwing.  They were all filthy (I wish I would have had my camera!). 
We had a nice dinner of Raspberry chipotle chicken which was very good and then we have a nice FHE about the meaning of Easter. After the lesson it was hide-and-seek followed by icecream.  It was fun to do FHE with someone else (I'll have to do that more often). 
It was fun to see Chad and Erica as a "real life" family with daddy coming home from work and them having dinner together in a house that they own.  Maybe steve and I can be a real family someday ; )


Gramps said...

You are a real've just been heavily investing in your future the past few years.

Erica said...

We loved having you guys over. Thanks for coming over! We'll have to do that again sometime. Emmy absolutely loves playing with her cousins! And they are all so cute together. :)

Marilyn said...

Good times, about to end for awhile :(