Monday, April 11, 2011


How far are you willing to go for a good dentist?  After years of  "Dentist jumping" and not being satisfied with one for one reason or another, we consulted an expert.  Stevo went to his professor that teaches in Loma Linda and spends time in Provo for his opinion of a good dentist in this area.  After what Steve has told us about some of the folks that attend school, and with SO MANY dentists in the area, we wanted a good one...even if we have to drive a way to get there.  The recommended dentist is Dr. Eric Tidwell in North Provo.  Marilyn went to him and liked him.  Dr. Farley in Orem was a good dentist, but he stopped taking our insurance (didn't need to, he was popular).   The one we had in AF did poor work besides not talking much to us.  The first one we had in Cedar Hills didn't have a dental hygienist and didn't clean teeth well and didn't hardly talk.  The second one we had in Cedar Hills was an excellent communicator and had top notch equipment and a staff of about 6 people...but every time we went there he wanted to put two or three more crowns in....even if I didn't think they needed it. No wonder he had all new equipment and a large staff.  I called a third dentist in Cedar Hills but he advertises his business as "Cosmetic Dentistry" and oh, he does regular stuff too.  No thanks. With Stevo giving this recommendation we hopefully have a dentist we can trust.  I hope so, even if I have to drive to Provo when I'm within walking distance of three dentists.  It will be worth it.  Thanks Steve!


Erica said...

We're on the hunt for a good dentist, but I don't think I'm willing to drive to Provo. My mom has a dentist in AF she likes, so maybe I'll try him.

Brett said...

My solution to the dentist offering cosmetic stuff I don't need is to say "no thanks." It's worked pretty well so far.

Gramps said...'re beautiful Brett!~

Cambrie said...

if the sign says "cosmetic dentist" 99 times out of 100 they do everything a regular dentist does. They just market to high- end people. It's as if Dr. Dastrup advertised as a Flu Specialist, MD.
Enjoy your honest dentist though:)