Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My dental experience

So, as you know, we've been dentist hopping.  Also, for the last few years (actually, since we were in AF) the hygenist (when we've had one) has told me I have Gingivitis and have bad "pockets" on both sides of my mouth.  I've brushed, flossed, and even mouthwashed with special expensive mouthwash to help it no avail. I was expecting to get chastised by our new hygenist when I went to the new dentist yesterday. Nope...she says I'm fact my gums look very good and healthy. Not even any hint of pockets.  Imagine my surprise since I've really REALLY cut back on the flossing (even though those new flossing thingys make it much easier).  I wondered what caused the turn around?  I've basically made two changes since I went to the dentist last.  First, I rinse with just plain old cheap mouthwash every night before bed (I'm sure Marilyn appreciates it).  I also use the WaterPik I bought for Marilyn about twice a week (to clean under her bridge).  When I told the hyginist this, she told me a WaterPik is great for dental hygine.  But she's surprised I don't floss that much because my gums really looked good and still told me I should floss more. :-\ more thing.  The tooth my previous dentist told me needed to be capped (after he put 3 other caps on my teeth on previous visits) problem.  The dentist says it's fine though it has a "watch spot" on it. Man, it REALLY makes a difference which dentist you go to.  It's worth the drive to Provo.  Thanks again Stevo! Anyway...that's the bedtime story for this evening. There is no moral to this story but it does have a happy ending.  You can go back to whatever you were doing before I wasted this 60 seconds of your day.


Stevo said...

If that long drive to Provo makes going to the dentist worth it, imagine going all the way out to Illinois!

Gramps said...

I like you Steve, but not THAT much.