Monday, April 04, 2011

Conference Sunday

It was a fun day. Chad/Erica/Emmy came over well before the first session started. Dastrups made their appearance a little before 10. Katie sans Brett joined the party. It was snowing and snowing hard most of the day, but between the sessions, Ty and Emmy took me outside and the sun was shining. Cold, but sunny. They played in the playhouse, in the mud, in the trampoline pit, and rolled car & bigwheel down the hill. First Ty gave up and decided to go in. I asked Emmy if she wanted to go in and it was an adamant "No!"....but without Ty, she soon decided to go in as well. Benjamin shot a couple of hoops before the blizzard set in again. Marilyn fixed us all Reuben sandwiches for lunch which was enjoyed by all except Chad....he traded half his sandwich for half of Benjamin's grilled cheese, and they both were happier. After the second session of conference, we snarfed some taco soup. I was a clutz and knocked Erica's little bamboo plant off the counter, sending it to an early grave....sorry Erica. :-\ Other than that, it was a good day though....UNTIL....on their way home Dastrups realized that they had forgot Bear! CRISIS!!!! We found Bear cowering under the little table downstairs so hopped in the car and met Dastrups over in Highland to reunite the Bear with his little buddy Ty. Crisis averted.


Marilyn said...

I still want to know how the Dastrups managed to get off the freeway so quick to come meet us and recover bear??

It was a very enjoyable day, THANKS, guys for coming and bringing your nummy food too!

Cambrie said...

Leaving a lovee behind IS crisis. I will always attempt to have 2 of whatever my children love to avert such a crisis

Erica said...

Hey, no worries on the bamboo. Chad wasn't a fan of it anyway. It was 6 years old and dying a slow and painful death, as you could probably tell.