Sunday, April 25, 2010

My email to BJ which you all need to know too!

Hey, Sister Groneman! Yer Aunt Kathy says that you only get 30 minutes MAX on the computer to do email out and in. So if you spend 25 minutes reading our blog and emails to you, you will have 5 minutes to write us back for the entire week. So far we haven't gotten anything. But I want to hear from you! So I will l print off and mail everything on the blog so that you can spend your entire time writing to us. That also means anyone in our family that wants to email you needs to send it to me to mail to her, or just mail it yourselves to her MTC address. Another thing: The computer you use will automatically cut you off when you have had your 30 minutes. And if you haven't got your letter sent until 31 minutes, we won't get a thing. In the 3 weeks that Micheal was in the MTC, they only got 1 letter because he was proof reading before he sent it and lost 2 of them. DON'T do that! Spend 29 minutes writing it and get it send B4 you lose it! We NEED to hear from you!

PS to the fam: You all remember how homesick you can be as a new missionary. I hope you will all find some time to send her some mail, via Snail mail...or me!

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