Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You family that have your own blogs:

I know that BJ gets our posts that we put on this family blog, but I doubt anything you post on your blogs is reaching her. Are you making a point to send them to her (as ANY new is better than no news) or shall I copy them and send them to her via
I await responses please.


Chad said...

Good gracious! She's only been out for a week, but by the two posts you've done about it, it would seem she's been out for eight months on a remote desert island wondering if her family on the mainland is even alive.

I think we all know that she only gets mail sent directly to her missionary email address, or mail sent via the postal service.

If you feel the need to ensure she gets every blog post, feel free to copy & paste. I'll just send her my updates via mail.

Chad said...

Oh, and PS - don't copy and paste our (Chad & Erica family) blog. We'll send her the things we'd like her to know about. But things on this blog are free game to send her, as far as I'm concerned.

Katie Groneman said...

I'll assume you're talking about people that post more frequently than once per financial quarter like we do.... but if we have stuff to say, we'll tell her, no worries.

Christa said...

I agree with the first part of Chad's comment!:)

Just FYI, at first any news from home is great, but later that changes. I remember being in the field and getting letters from friends and such about dances, boys, etc. and thinking, "Why are they telling me this? Who cares about this kind of stuff?" I think we are all writing to Buffalo and that she will have no shortage of things to read. I don't think she'll care at all about the stuff on our blog. Like Katie said, if it's something she'd be interested in, we'll certainly tell her. I think she'll have a lot better things to do with her time and I don't want her to feel obliged to read our blog when it's not that interesting.

Marilyn said...

I am not on a soap box trying to get all of you to repent! I never intended that message to come across, but it seems somehow it did. I just know that during the transition, mail is more important than it is later. Now that I know you are sending your info, I won't have to wonder if I should.
Don't try to read more into my posts than just a mother's love for her child in transition, as I did for my other children. I only asked for feedback, as I never get feedback from anyone but Kim (on my blogs), so without it, I still wouldn't know if I should send it or not.

Cambrie said...

Whatever. Copy and paste is fine.