Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Come fer dinner!

Yup. This Sunday is that blessed day that we get together for dinner. Well, with those who can that is (we will miss you Nelsons, Brett and Buff). We are going to do some nummy stuff, with your help. Here is the plan! If this assignment doesn't work for ya give me a call.

Us-Chimichungas and Cheese Enchalata's and a fruit plate
Christa- Could you get Cambrie to put her salsa recipe (the new one we had while I was in California that has Corn, beans, avocados etc in it, and make that? She says it is easy...and I will have avocados here to put in it...and the chips.
Chad and Erica- Could you bring some Lime Rice? (there is a recipe for that on the blog Groneman recipes)
Katie. You are only 1 person...could just bring some chopped lettuce ? (to go under the Chimichungas)

My mouth is watering already! Shall we say come soon as you can (we don't get out of church till 2pm) and we will eat at 5? Or does it need to be 4:30?

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