Saturday, January 01, 2011

Grandma/gramps visit

Thanks grandma and gramps for coming to visit us in our tiny little house in Loma Linda.  We enjoyed having you visit!
G and G actually slept in our friends house down the street from us (who were gone) so they had their own space to retreat to each night which was fun.  We fed ducks, made gingerbread houses, played games, visited steve's school, picked oranges (grandma's favorite) got ice cream cones (Lydia's favorite), and they babysat while steve and I had some kid-free time (horray!)  
Oh, and mom wanted to go check out some of the aftermath of our recent flooding in Loma Linda.  It has been an entire week since the flood was over, but they are still cleaning up the mess.  For Buff's interest:  the 3 main roads in Loma Linda (Lawton, Barton, and Mountain View) were all closed due to flooding and mud. And so our dinky street became one of the only through roads for the city and so we had back to back stop and go traffic for a few days.  The problem they have now is cleaning up the mud.  People's houses and yards are filled with mud.  Crazy stuff.
Anyway, thanks for visiting us!  2 tiny ladies already miss you!


Marilyn said...

We shall miss the constant entertainment! Good times! Thanks for putting up with us...and Steve you were a great host...when I am sure you would have liked to have some of that time to play with your brother's shooting hoops etc. We Love our Nelson Family!

Gramps said...

Yea...thanks for putting up with the invader in-laws Stevo. I really enjoyed it. I had a blast and I already miss those little girls. Looking over my pictures makes me smile and sad at the same time. I got lots of great pictures and some good movies I'll have to send you on CD.