Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie Review: Next

Last night we watched NEXT with Chad/Erica.  Marilyn said it was just OK but I really liked it. Chad liked it too.  I dunno if Erica did.  I like a movie that gets you thinking and that's what this movie did for me.  Let's just say the ending was a surprise for me along the lines of the ending of 6th Sense. Lots of action and danger.....and love of course so it can't be accused of being a pure man flick. (Ewwwww!)  It's a different kind of movie about a guy who can see 2 minutes into the future.  If you liked Deja Vu (I did), this should appeal to you as it's in the same genre.


Erica said...

I thought it was okay. Not bad, not great. Thanks for inviting us. This whole living-in-the-basement thing does have its perks! :)

Brett said...

Sounds interesting. Maybe we'll redbox it some time or come over and steal your netflix if it's available online.