Sunday, January 09, 2011

Nelson update

Our trip to Arizona was good.  Good to have a little get-away from kids.  Lydia's croup turned into a normal cough.  In arizona we went to see Steve's brother do his Gorilla thing at the Suns game.  Fun to watch-- he is really entertaining.  We went to the temple as a family and did family names.  It was nice to have adult interaction.  It got me thinking:  we should do something with adults only in the Groneman family.  Not necessarily a several-day long function.  But just something fun and highly interactive.   Thoughts?
So I had a babysitter for a day and a half.  When I left their was leftover mac and cheese in the fridge.  When I came home the mac and cheese was gone, and their were 2 dirty mac & cheese pans in the sink (she cooked it twice).  I know exactly why:  any time I ever ask my kids "what shall we have for dinner/lunch?"  I only ever get 1 answer.  Even though I left a fridge full of food they would eat (and a written out list) my little ladies wants trumped my instructions.  Oh well. They lived! Mac& Cheese 3 times in 1 1/2 days won't kill a person : )
We got home at 10pm.  Lydia wandered into our bed at 2am and was so excited to see us.  It was sweet. We were smothered with hugs and kisses in the morning.  I love those ladies.
I'm still off work which is probably good with our trip and with steve's busy schedule trying to find us future employment in dentistry.  He plans to go to Redding and Illinois in the next month to get a better idea of what we want.  Tough choices coming up.


Christa said...

I'll second your motion of adult-only time. But would you come out for it if we planned it?

We're excited to see where you guys end up and hope it's not too far away!

Marilyn said...

3 servings of yellow death in 2 days...they might turn yellow you know! I served up some yellow death to Emmy whilst chad and Erica went to the temple. She ate EVERY LAST NOODLE!

Cambrie said...

Sure I'd come out....if we planned something cool.

Erica said...

If you move to Nauvoo, maybe we could do the adults only activity there? I'd be up for that. But then again, I'd want Emmy to see the sites too... hmmm. But adults only sounds nice, whatever we do.

Gramps said...

Mac 'n Cheese! Mac 'n Cheese! I think that's one of the first sentances a kid learns to contsruct when they are 2.

Gramps said...

I actually like Mac & cheese from time to time....of course Marilyn would probably say I never grew up.