Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movie Review: Knight and Day

We watched Knight and Day with our friends the Kirks last night.  It's an action packed comedy.  There are many moments in the film that just make you laugh out loud.  Fun to watch. He's a secret agent and she's just a person he used to get an item through airport security...but then he can't get rid of her.  When he finds the bad guys are after her too now, he has to protect her...but she doesn't want him to.  It's really zaney and funny.  For example they are being shot at by a lot of bad guys and need to make a run for it:

Tom Cruise: on the count of three. One...
[Cameron Diaz jumps up and runs around madly shooting wildly then realizes her mistake and comes back]
Cameron Diaz: Sorry, I panicked.
Tom Cruise: [looking incredulous] What number would you like?
Cameron Diaz: Three. Let's just stick with three. It's good.

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Brett said...

Never heard of it. Katie was saying she wanted to watch that.