Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nelson tidbits

Last week Lydia woke up crying and told me about her bad dream (first time she has ever told me about a dream).  The previous day she had attempted to dash into the road and I'd grabbed her arm and told her that I didn't want the cars to swish her.  Anyway, her dream went something like this "Mean cars were stepping on me.  Lots of mean cars.  Daddy took our car away and I can't get in.  I hide under Kiera's bed but the mean cars step on my toes!).    Today Kiera and I were talking about dreams and we were laughing about Lydia's dream since Kiera thinks it is hillarious for some reason.  Anyway, Lydia was observing us quietly but then piped in (in a very Disney-like voice):  "dreams are sure to come true!"  Kiera and I laughed our heads off at that one.

The other night I went to our student-exchange house.  People drop off unwanted items and they are free to students and their families.   I like to go because it helps me fufill some of my shopping needs without spending a dime : )      One of the things that I found there was a blanket that looks exactly like Kiera's very worn out pink blanket except cleaner and newer.  I brought it home just to see what Kiera would do.  Rejection.  I tried every trick in the world to get Kiera to like it.  But it does not have the same worn-out tag that Kiera likes to sniff and it lacked loose strings and a grey tone to the pink.  I make up a story about how the new blanket was going to be sad because she doesn't have a little girl to love her.   Kiera thought more a moment and then said "give it to Lydia.  Lydia can be in charge of loving it!'  Looks like I'm taking it back to the student-exchange house.


Gramps said...

Poor little Lydia dreaming about getting run over by cars. :-( And to add insult to injury, her big sister laughs at her for it! Oh well, typical sibling relationship I suppose. Tell her her gramps won't let any cars step on her IF SHE'S CAREFUL and doesn't run out in the road! I wonder how long Kiera is going to keep boit. Hope she's over it by the time she goes to Kindergarten...which is real soon now.

Marilyn said...

OH< MAN! too bad you didn't capture that conversation on video! It is hilarious! And I am sure glad that dreams really don't come true or I'd have been eaten by a dinosaur many times as a little child! And cars are real, dinosaurs were not in my little world.
Kiera has to be without boit for about 15 hours of every day anyway. Kindergarten, no problem.
Thanks for the laughs!

Brett said...

Your kids are hilarious Cambrie. Good stories.

Erica said...

That was a funny start to my day. :) Thanks for the laughs! Such cute little ladies you have.