Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surveying the experienced for kiddo

So here's our situation:  We have a pack n' play here at the Borens, that does not belong to us, but we can use it while we're here.  We sleep downstairs in the basement, so kiddo prime is going to sleep in the room next to us while we're sleeping downstairs.  In the daytime however, we live upstairs, and putting kiddo prime in the basement to nap isn't the preferred method.  We're considering just putting kiddo prime down for naps in an upstairs bedroom, but this isn't an absolute requirement.

The question:  What do you experienced peoples recommend?  Do we invest in another baby-holding device (because we're going to need to get one eventually anyway, so we might as well?) and if so, do we just get another pack n' play for kiddo prime to sleep in (if so, what bells/whistles are essential), or is there any advantage to buying a crib?


Christa said...

It would be easier if you didn't have to move a pack n play around twice a day, but you could make it work. On the other hand, you will need one of your own. But you might as well wait until after your baby shower to make sure that you don't end up with multiples. When you do get one, definitely get one with a bassinett.

Cambrie said...

I vote no on the crib. I have 2 used ones (one was given to us). The ONLY advantages I see to them is that they have waterproof mattresses and that you can later use the mattress for a toddler bed (Kiera still sleeps on a toddler bed at age 4).
But you can easily waterproof a pack and play mattress. They take up less room, are highly portable which will make it so your child doesn't freak out by having a new strange bed when you go on trips. I know lots of people who only ever do pack and plays until their kids are in a toddler bed.
Also, keep in mind that for the first few months your child does not move much. My kids took many a nap in her car seat or just on a blanket on the floor. Lydia took every nap in her car seat for the first 6 months because it made her portable.
Their is my long-winded answer.

Chad said...

With parenting, you have to do what works best for your family. What works out well for most people doesn't always work out best for you. So, with that said, here's my 2¢ :

We wanted to keep Emmy in our room for the first few months. We used the pack and play for that. We had the crib set up in the other room, and at around 4 months, Emmy wanted to sleep in it. Ever since then she's never really liked pack 'n plays.

As for being upstairs and having a munchkin sleeping elsewhere, that's what baby monitors are for. Katie might spend spend a lot more time wherever the baby's room is than you anticipate, especially for the first little bit.

You may want to look into the wrap thing that cambrie used. It never really worked out for us, but it would have been nice to be able to have the baby along for the ride while Erica wanted to do things that needed two hands.

Gramps said...

Back when you kids were babies, they didn't have pack-n-plays or cribs and such, all we had were piles of leaves to use for your beds. Leaves are common so you should have no problem finding any. It's really a great solution...kid wets on the leaves, just gather some new ones. They're so easy to gather you could have two up and one down.