Friday, January 07, 2011

Rough Sleep

Last night was a fairly rough night sleep in parenthood.  The worst part was listening to Lydias croupy cough every 2 minutes.  I'm sure she will most likely be fine but I'm more worried than I would be because today we are having a chic from the ward come babysit for 2 days while Steve and I go to Arizona for an adults-only function.  I don't like leaving a croupy kid with an overnight babysitter. 
Kiera also woke up last night wimpering.  I went in and found that she had had a nightmare.  Believe it or not this was the first time in her little life that she could tell me about a nightmare.  She was very concerned about the "bad guys coing in our house"  and wanted to know if we had our doors locked and if we locked them every night.  I assured her that she was safe and that we always locked them and that mommy and daddy would keep her safe.  I had flashbacks to mom telling me the same thing as a child.  But in my mind I knew that it was only mostly true as I thought about all of the creeps in the world.  I told her I would stay with her until she want to sleep.  She smiled at me so sweetly.  I couldn't sleep after I went back to bed.  I had taken the weight of worry off of her shoulders and put it on my own.  But I know all too well about the possibily of creeps hurting our family.  I only hope my promise will be kept.
Lydia came wandering last night.  I woke up to the pitter pat of her tiny feet approaching our bed.  She climbed of on the side-rail of our bed and looked at me (pretending to sleep).  She pulled my blanket of on me and gave me a little kiss (which is what I do to her every night).  So sweet.  When I woke up this morning I couldn't find Lydia.  After looking for a few minutes I found her looking like the wicked witch of the west with nothing but her feet poking out from under Kiera's bed.  Funny place to sleep : )
I love those little ladies.


Gramps said...

I hope your 2 day babysitter has a "backup" in case Lydia gets worse...which I hope she doesn't. I'll always remember leaving Chicken Pox Christa with grandma H for a week while we went to Japan only to come home to find Chad had them as well :-\ Good thing Grandma was the babysitter. Your telling of Kiera's nightmare and of Lydia's night time kiss make my heart ache for those little girls. The reference to the wicked witch made me laugh. Good post punkin. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

Yeah. What Kim said, I second the motion. So was she asleep under Kiera's bed? Did you ask her why she was sleeping there?

Melt your heart moments there. I worry about the babysitter sleeping through her croupyness. Is she a teenager? They can sleep through everything (CK slept through a gale in Wales that knocked every tent down but ours, and everyone else was up trying to get the tents back up, so it was noisy. Maybe you better put your child monitor in the bedroom where the babysitter sleeps.

Christa said...

Poor little lady! And poor you-- your trip won't be much fun if you are worried about your girls the whole time. I hope she gets better soon!