Sunday, January 16, 2011

A great start to a weekend

The start of a 3 day weekend.  On Friday night I thought I was looking at a boring ol' Saturday & Sunday and then one more extra day on Monday to just putter around the house.   Friday night Chad/Erica came up once Emmy was sleeping and we were playing Mormon Bridge (Thanks for teaching us Cambrie/Steve).  On Saturday morning Chad & Emmy came up to visit...then Christa & kids showed up!  Benjamin and I stayed home to play Wii and Legos and the rest of the camp went to Artic Circle for play time.  When the clan was reunited, Brett & Katie showed up! impromptu Saturday of family.  We played Wise & Otherwise. Sweet!  We actually had to leave the fun because we had made plans to meet Keith & Syd for dinner.  Speaking of dinner, I'll pro'ly never go out for dinner on a Saturday afternoon again!  We went to Texas Roadhouse and they told us they had a 30 to 50 minute wait.  Ug (this was at 4:45 pm...not even prime dinner time).  We put our name on the list then talked about what we wanted to do....we decided to go over to Olive Garden but when we went there THEY had at least a 30 minute wait...we talked about options again, then decided to go back to Texas Roadhouse.  Just as we got there, they called our name.  We had to elbow through a crowd of people to get to our table. (We had to elbow through a much larger crowd of people to get out...I actually had to be rude to get people to move out of the way so we could leave!).  Moooo!  I hate crowds.


Marilyn said...

No only that, I had eaten so much trail mix while playing, I didn't even eat very much dinner at all.

Gramps said...

I can vouce for that. I asked for a couple of boxes to take food home, and looked over at Marilyn's plate, and it didn't look much different than when they brought it to her!

Cambrie said...

I always expect at least a 30 minute wait at a resturant on a weekend night.