Monday, January 31, 2011

Tidbits from my day

I like to do major shopping at Winco about monthly.  So, this morning I got a babysitter and drove 35 minutes to our closest Winco.  I was just pulling into the parking lot when I got a call from the sitter saying that "Lydia is asleep on my couch and acting really weird....Oh wait, she just threw up..."  Joy.  So I turned right around and went to go relieve my poor babysitter (who had her baby triplets, 3 four year olds and Lydia).  
Lydia was vomiting fevering for most of the day but she pulled out of it around dinner time.  Yeah!!! Her illness must have done something weird to her brain because from 6pm to 9pm she was a non-stop chatter-box.  She sat up to the table with an uneaten pile of crackers in front of her for 15 minutes while I did the dishes and chatted away.  She has certainly never done that before!
Later she was chatting about her baby doll and she announced "I'm ready to be a big sister!  Wanna see?"  She climbed down and stood on her toes and stretched her little neck to show me she was ready to be a big sister "like Kiera!".  Cute.
Kiera has recently been a bit obsessed with the concept of hibernation.  She wants to pretend that we all hibernate under her bed for the winter.  She puts her blankets in hibernation.  Today while playing princesses she decided that princesses hibernate.  Why not?
Steve got back from Illinois last night after the kids were in bed.  Lydia has missed him terribly.  She refused to talk to him on the phone the entire time she was gone.  She was delighted to find her daddy sleeping this morning.  But when he had to go to school she said "daddy, don't go to school!  you will miss me so much!!"


Gramps said...

What cute little girls. It doesn't surprise me that Lydia thinks she's ready to be a big sister. My guess is that she'll think she's ready to go to school before she is, ready to drive before she is, ready to date before she is, and ready to get married before she is.....Or.....maybe she WILL be ready for those things before YOU think she is.

Brett said...

Of course princesses hibernate. Geez... where have you been?

Your kiddos are funny.

Christa said...

I love your girls! They make me laugh.

Marilyn said...

Yes, they make me laugh too! Funny little ladies! I miss them, but thankfully we've got Emmy hear to entertain us too! For another month anyway...little kids are just darn cute!

Erica said...

I love your entertaining posts, Cambrie. Thanks for sharing these little gem stories with us. Love you guys.