Monday, May 23, 2011

Cool Clear Water

I got a bottle of water at a meeting at work. I was looking at the lable. It is Nestle brand ["Pure Life" Purified Water (enhanced with minerals for taste)]. No, it's not chocolate water. It says it comes from a "Deep protected well, Ontario, CA". says the city of  Ontario's drinking water mostly comes from wells.

In other words, they are taking tap water there where Cambrie lives, running it through a filter, adding "Sodium Bicarbonate" (baking soda), bottling it and hoping people will buy it. Seems to have worked.


Gramps said...

Oh, I forgot to put this in: It has one other added ingredient for "flavor" : Calcium Chloride...that's the stuff they use to melt ice on roads.

Cambrie said...

that is so funny! Ontario is an ugly little urban city. You'd think they'd at least choose a pretty clean and remote city.
Bottled water is a waste of $!