Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Love STEVEN Nelson

Steve is officially done with all school/clinic.  Only about 20% of Steve's class is done with their clinic. At our graduation dinner last night there were 7 dental students at the table.  Steve was the only one of them who gets to be done after graduation.  The rest have to continue for at least another semester.  Also, Only have 20% of Steve's class have secured jobs.  The rest have no idea how they are paying the bills come July.  I SOOOO glad steve is done and that we have a secure job to go to!  I'm so proud of Steve.
I'd like to point out that Steve has a 1 1/2 inch pile of dental school rejection letters (All because of a C in Chemistry).  4 years of applications to get in.  Does any of that matter now?  Not one bit.  Steve is going to ROCK as a dentist.  Wanna know why?  Tough, I'm going to tell you:  Beyond being good with a drill (which he is) Steve has the most amazing inter-personal skills.   Since Steve's C in Chemistry automatically disqualified him from getting into school using the what-you-know methood, he decided to use the who-you-know method.  Steve became great friends with the admissions committee and lo and behold, he got in.  Now when I say great friends I don't just mean I-really-want-to-be-your-friend-so-I-can-get-into-school type of friends.  I mean the type of friends that for the past 4 years Steve has been their right-hand man.  He does them favors all of the time, and knows what is going on in each of their lives.  They ask his opinion on who should be let in to successive dental classes. 
More examples of my husbands skills: 
1.  Loma Linda housing had a 6 month waiting list when we decided to last move.  Steve went into the office and made friends with a lady who is much like the old-ornery lady on Monsters.  He discovered she was a 49ers fan...  what do you know, we were bumped to the top of the waiting list and we secured  a house that very day. 
2.  Normally after you graduate from a professional school you have to send in your transcripts to the licencing agencies and it takes 4-6 weeks to process it and then you can finally work.  Steve got ahold of the head guy over all medical licencing for the state of illinois.  After Steve made friends with him he promised Steve that he would have his licence in TWO days after receiving the transcripts. 
3.  Many of Steve's patients that he saw in dental school absolutely love him.  In fact.  Many drove long distances (an hour) to come bring him a good-bye gift or to come just say goodbye. 

Steve is awesome.  I've been trying to be better my inter-personal skills like him, and I've changed quite a bit since we got married, but I still have a LONG way to go.  He is the living walking example of the book How To Win Friends and Influence People. 
Good job Steve.  Aren't you glad I put this on a family blog and not on our Nelson blog?


Chad said...

You forgot to mention that he can play football!

Chad said...

Oh, and congratulations. Graduated life is good. Still busy, but I'll take it any day over school.

Erica said...

What a great tribute, Cambrie! Good job, Steve. We're proud of you too. Pretty soon you'll start really seeing the fruits of your labors.

Oh, and now I know who to go to if I ever need anything. :)

Gramps said...

He's not *perfect* at making friends and influencing people...he made me wear a tux at your wedding. >:-| Oh well, I'm getting over it...... Slowly. Oh ok...I have to admit, I really like the guy.

Marilyn said...

YAY for Steve! Congratulations! Gee, what will you do with your life now...You have been a student after all for the last 25 years of your life. IS THERE LIFE AFTER SCHOOL? I am sure you will have a fun time finding out! And I know Steve has great personal skills, and Cambrie, that was a great tribute, and I have seen great progress in your personal skills too!

Gramps said...

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work."- Colin Powell

"In the confrentation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength, but through persistance."- Someone smarter than me

"If you throw enough passes, eventually one will be caught by someone on your team."- ??

Gramps said...

Stevo did it his way