Friday, May 06, 2011

Lydia tidbits

This morning the girls and I were playing princess-have-a-party where at they have lots of delicious foods.  So we were having fun listing the foods at the party:  "cupcakes! pumpkin pie!"  "Cheetoes, jello!"  "Cookies, candy!"   And Lydia chimes in with her I-have-the-GREATEST-idea voice.  "I know....Broccli!"  As if it was the ultimate goodie for a party.  Yep, she loves that stuff.

As all siblings do, my children have a tendency of taking toys from each other and not sharing.  We've been working on problem solving and sharing in a variety of ways.  One option I've taught my girls is that if someone wants something that you have, you find something that you have and trade it with them.  So while playing with toys today Lydia tried to take something I had in my hands and I told her we can't grab things from people and that mommy was holding it for a minute.  She looked around her immediate area and found a piece of stray stuffing from a stuffed animal (I need to vacuume) and said  "here mom-- lets trade!"  At least she is getting the concept....a bit. 

I'd like to thank mom for her recent gift of dinosours to us (after my girls watched The Land Before Time at her house).  We particularly have fun with the T-Rex. He is mean and ugly looking and the girls think it is absolutely hillarious when I pretend that I'm in love with "Diney the Dinosour".  or I pretend that Diney is a cute baby and they are laughing histerically.  Diney sits in our window to watch us leave and come back when we go places in the car and, of course, that is hillarious too.  Thanks grandma for the dinosours.  We are getting good use out of them.


Gramps said...

Brocoli...that's a great idea! don't need more lint? Funny little gidget. I read through this and I watch you with your girls and I'm amazed at the absolute amazing mother you are to them. You do so many fun things and play with them so much. You're amazing.

Marilyn said...

LOL! Those little girls are so precious and funny! OH< I hate all of the fun times we could have more often if you weren't so blasted far away! Only to get worse :(
but at least you share some of those great moments. And HEY! You never know when you might need some stuffing!! ;)