Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Steve is graduated (repost)

Today I attended an awards ceremony for Steve's dental school class. There were quite a few awards given out for all sorts of different achievements (academics, skills, service, etc.). Steve got an award from the California Maxiofacial Surgery something-or-other which included $250 which is always good. Basically, that translates to the fact that he is great at pulling teeth.

But as I sat through the long and boring ceremony and listened to the awards for hundreds of hours of this or that or perfect GPAs I thought to myself that Steve did something far greater with his time than all of his classmates: He was present as a husband and father in our home. He didn't spend every waking hour studying or trying to make a more impressive resume. He ate dinner with us every night, was there for bedtime prayers, stories, and singing. He doesn't get something to hang on his wall, $, cheering from classmates, or to shake hands with someone important for this; but I want to recognize him now for it.

Steve, we three Nelson girls appreciate the fact that you've been part of our lives for the past 4 years of dental school. Thanks for prioritizing us over excelling to the max. You are still an absolutely WONDERFUL dentist. This is your Husband/Daddy dentist of the year award.
I attended Steve's graduation on sunday.  It was outdoors which was nice/Californian.  I debated on if I wanted to bring the girls.  I wanted them to know that Steve graduated and see what was going on, but of course I didn't want to wrestle them for 2 hours during it.  So, we arrived and took pictures with the girls before it started and I took them to a babysitter.  yeah! 
I just finished a "goodbye party" with Kiera and Lydia and 3 little friends.  It was interesting/difficult to throw it so close to our move.  EVERY toy in the house is packed up other than about 10 princesses.  We had Mac and Cheese in our only 4 unpacked bowls (lydia had to eat out of a measuring cup).   The TV is packed up so we watched Tangled on Steve's laptop.  We had  a cake and we let them dig for candy in a mountain of packaging peanuts in a large box.  Otherwise it was duck duck goose type of games.  Total prep time: about 10 minutes (to go buy the $4 cake).  It was a hit.  We have about 38 hours until our truck comes. 


Gramps said...

I liked it again. :-)

Brett said...

Bravo Steve. Cambrie, way to choose a person with a good balance of priorities