Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend at Scofield

Another extended weekend at our friend's cabin up near Scofield. We went ATV riding a bit but got stopped by snow from going to the high country. It was still pretty to be out riding and seeing the trees and snow, etc. The weather was great the first two days we were there (Friday and Saturday). Sunday it started snowing and Monday morning there was snow on the ground and it snowed on and off. We ate a LOT (no kidding) of great food, played a lot of games, and just relaxed and shot the breeze with our good friends the Kirks. It was really enjoyable and was needed to recharge the batteries.


Marilyn said...

Good times! But weird to be gettig snowed on 2 days before June! We saw Elk, fox, lots of waterfowl, and of course, Giant Grasshoppers (deer as some people know them)

Erica said...

I have to admit I'm pretty jealous. Looks like a super relaxing trip!

Christa said...

The snow doesn't sound so great, but it's always nice to relax. Glad you guys had fun.