Monday, May 09, 2011


Diney the dino takes a nap.
Maybe it helps to put the box on your head while doing puzzles.
Waiting at disneyland.  Brrrr  65 degrees!
Lydia insisted on red socks today.  Ugg.  I think I'll toss the red socks so they won't be an option next time.  


Gramps said...

Oh cute...there's nothing cuter than a BIG SHARP TOOTHED TYRANASAURUS REX taking a nap with his blankie. What?!? You guys couldn't pull the sword out? Don't be embarassed...I couldn't pull it out last time I tried either. I saw what's wrong with red socks? There are people in this world that pay a lot of money to see the Red Sox. go your individuality!

Gramps said...

Oh, and I'm gonna have to try that box trick next time I need to think hard about something. Tell Lydia thanks for the idea.

Marilyn said...

I just have to say that it is a little bit shocking to see your little girls hugging on a T-rex instead of dollies or princesses. You really should have warned me!