Monday, June 20, 2011

Kontemplating Kims Kamping Korse of Action

Yer mom and I have been planning to vacation over the 4th as a just the two of us get away. It's been a while since we've been up to Reservation Ridge, and after discussions with the Thomas familiy, we've picked a course of action and have decided it's time for us to take our vacation there on the Ridge.  I'm taking vacation from July 1st through 9th (yer mom's birthday) and taking our trailer up to Reservation Ridge.  Not where we usually camp but right HERE where you see that little faint road going down into the trees.  One stipulation we have with Saundra/Randy is that no kids/grandkids until July 6th or later.  After that come on up!   We can sit and zap flies, burn hotdogs & marshmallows, pick flowers, and ride ATVs. We'll be leaving our trailer up there for a while and splitting weekends between there and the mountain (where we dunno when we'll have a road and water).   I've got a LOT of work to do to get the trailer ready as we haven't had it out for a couple of years and it's in sad shape.  If you're interested in coming up, we'll need to set a day/time ahead of time to meet at the start of the dirt road where you can park your car...there are some bad ruts up further.   Cell service is poor to non existant unless I drive to the top of a hill, which I can do from time to time to check on things.


Christa said...

Wow. Sounds like we won't be seeing much of you this summer if you are working all week and camping each weekend. Have fun. See you in the fall.

Gramps said...

We're not going camping every weekend...when I say splitting weekends, I mean splitting camping weekends. Yer mom will insist we be around here on Sundays anyway.