Monday, June 20, 2011

Midwestern adventures

Most of you have already heard about this, so this is more for Buff's benifit, but you can read it too : )
Me n' the girls arrived in Illinois after our long flights.  Grandma had said goodbye to us in tears (silly grandma, we're not moving to the North Pole!).  And when the girls saw their daddy and ran to him screaming "daddy!!!!"  Steve cried too.  People cry when they say goodbye to K & L, others when they say hello, and I feel like crying on the  plane ride with them! (j/k). 
The girls were very excited about the fireflies as we drove.  It DID look quite magical.  We arrived in Macomb at 10:30pm with 2 sleeping ladies.  We slept at a ward member's house (we are not allowed to sleep in our new home until the 28th).  Their house smelled like 1872 (much like all of the houses in Macomb). 
We went to church in the morning. The people were VERY different from what I'm used to.  Very poor, backwards, rotting teeth, improper grammar, etc..  Not everyone, but about half.  But they were all very nice to us which is great and they seem to have a lot of activities together.
Kiera and Lydia have been VERY insecure since we got here.   Not only are they fussy, and clingy,  but Lydia took up sucking on her thumb on sunday and has been crying for a sippy cup (something she hasn't used for 6+ months.  I decided not to leave her in nusery considering how insecure she was.  I went with her for the entire time.  The nursery leaders are a couple who look like they are late 70's early 80's.  They have been in their calling for 17 years.  Because of their age they can't get around very welly so they direct the nursery mostly from their chairs where they sit.  Crazy!  I was glad I was there to help.
Kiera has been showing her insecurity by acting up.  Specifically she throws things, spills things on purpose and screams as loud as she can (her favorite).  It is difficult to know what to do with her because I know that the reason she is doing it is because of her lack of stability in life.  This too shall pass.
After church on sunday we went to see our new place.  I was very excited to see it.  It is perfect for us.  As long as all of the promised changes are made, it is exactly what we wanted in a house.  The basement is currently soggy, and it is still being remodeled so it is not available to us.  but all of our possessions (other than the most valuable) are in the house which is open to all of the workers.  I sure hope nothing turns up missing!
We are living in hotels until our house is available.  So, we took off for St. Louis.  Thank you!  St. Louis is fun because they have sooo much to do with free zoos, museums, etc..  Today we went to a HUGE children's museum and were there all day long (I expected my kids would be done after 5 hours or so, but no).  Pictures to come...someday. 
We'll probably stay in St. Louis for a while since there is lots to do here. 
I for one am also insecure as can be I realize.  I'm sooo type A personality.  I need to have order and organization, and a plan.  I have no idea where most of my possessions are, we have only a vague plan.  I'm SOOoooo anxious to be moved into our house!!


Gramps said...

One day you and Steve will look back on this and say "Remember when....." and laugh about it. I sure hope your house is ready for you on the 28th. I'm glad you are being able to find things to do in St. Louis that is fun for the girls. Poor kids without a home.

Brett said...

Sounds like a crazy adventure. Poor kiddos... The sleeping arrangements and all that probably don't help a whole lot with making things stable in their lives, but I'm betting they'll get back to themselves soon after you move into your place and start living there.

Christa said...

Glad you are having fun in St. Louis. What a fun adventure! Not everyone can say that they've experienced the Midwest fully! Good luck!

Marilyn said...

Don't forget to post your fun stories you shared with me! And I am glad that the little ladies are starting to feel a little more secure. Good report! Keep it up!