Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Political: Considering Michele Bachmann as your next President?

Throw in your ideas, even if they don't agree with mine.  As Brigham said, it's the media that makes up our minds for us anyway.  I can be persuaded.

I've been less than impressed with her because of the pure political blustering she constantly does, but this article on KSL brings it into focus: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=16146886&nid=1013

The race is still early, but I'm leaning towards Mitt Romney for now though he seems like a tried and true, quintessential politician that holds to standard political ways.

On the other hand, Ron Paul's views would impress me if he was a little MORE quintessential politician instead of sounding like a kook sometimes.  One of his views that just throws me for a loop is his insistence we legalize marijuana.  Marilyn, you said you heard he was pro abortion but his web site indicates he is definitely opposite of that. Even with some of the things I don't like about him, I could get behind him if he ended up being the nominee (which I doubt he will).

Jon Huntsman - definite no.  I'd almost rather vote for Obama.  He's ridden his father's coat tails far enough.

Newt - Smart, sounds good, but way too much of an egotist for my liking.  This most recent bout of his staff leaving isn't the first time.  His dogmatic ways with people while speaker turns me off.  OTOH, we may could use someone like that dealing with the rest of the world for a change.  

Palin didn't impress me at all last go around because of her lack of knowledge.  Flamboyant and charismatic, yes.  Ready to be president, no.    Some of the others in the race I just don't know much about.

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Erica said...

Here's how I feel. I don't want Obama to be re-elected, so I want to vote for someone who is electable in the general election. As you mentioned, people don't do their homework and instead just go off of what the media says is the best candidate. Unfortunately for me, the media loves Obama, so too many people will vote for him without remembering what he has done (in my opinion--the damage he has done) to our country during his first term in office.

In my opinion, the only electable candidates in the general election against Obama would be Romney and maybe Pawlenty (I need to learn more about him first--on first glance, seems decent). Not enough people know Huntsman (and if they learned that he's never finished a thing in his life, including high school, hopefully they'd realize he's not a good pick), Newt can't win the Republican nomination, Ron Paul is too extreme (but as you said, good ideas, but not electable), Bachmann is a Tea Party candidate, Palin doesn't stand a chance, etc etc etc. No "tea party" candidate can win a general election.

Unless some other candidate can prove to me that they are electable over Obama in the general election, Romney's got my vote. The fact that Obama has already issued negative campaign ads against Romney tells me something--he's a threat.