Sunday, June 26, 2011

I want to eat in somebody elses resturant!

For some reason this wouldn't post I am trying again today. (My life seems to be like that!)
I have been craving a new recipe that Brett and Katie served us a while back: Chicken Tikka Masala. It is an indian dish that is just wonderful! So today was the day. I pulled it up on the family blog (thanks, Brett)...and copied and pasted it into Open Office and printed it from there. So as I am assembling it today, I was concerned right off the didn't look like it did when they made it for us...and it didn't taste right either. I went over and over the recipe to see if I had missed something...nope, it was all the way it read. Well, about 5 minutes before it was time to serve it and my family was hungry, I looked at the recipe on the computer and for some reason unbeknowst to me, the printer had omitted about 1/3 the recipe. Or maybe I screwed had shown a second page when I did the print preview, but it was only another words, so I just didn't print it. Anyway...we did NOT have Chicken Tikka Masala and no one needed the recipe...but Christa was kind enough to take it home with her...and the rest of the sauce got tossed.

Don't worry, Buff. Maybe in 4 months I will learn to do it right so you can taste it when you come is another one to impress people with, when it is done right.

The evening was saved by having most of my family around that I love. And Lindy was total make grandma smile again therapy! She is SUCH a sweet and good little baby! And I just totally ate up loving on her! And thankfully, the rest of my family knows how to make good food, so I still stuffed myself too much. Thanks for putting up with an old lady's attempt to cook, y'all!


Gramps said...

I'll put up with your attempt to cook any day. You don't know how much I APPRECIATE your cooking for me. Hey...even monkeys fall from trees some times (an old Japanese saying). Live & learn. It definitely wasn't Chicken Tikka..whatever, but it wasn't bad. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was way too hot (spicy) for me. I had to drink after every bite and I don't like that. Had it not been burning my mouth, it would have been ok. Which is interesting that Christa liked it since she was the kid that couldn't stand even the slightest bit of hot when she was young. Don't feel bad. Even I, the infamous Kim Groneman, cook a bad meal once in a while. I don't believe me, but it happens.

Erica said...

Even though it might not have been exactly as you wanted, it still tasted good--yes spicy, but still good.

Christa said...

It was good! Don't worry about it!