Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alaska Cruise

Here's some info so you know a ballpark of what it will cost to do the Alaska cruise.  I checked on the Royal Caribbean site (my favorite cruise line)  and for the absolute cheapest room on the cheapest dates it's $599 per person.  (May 11th..there are other dates available) Keep in mind they will charge for two people whether there is only one or two.  Silly to advertise that way, I know.  So that's $1,200 plus tax per couple for the cruise.

We would need to fly to Vancouver BC on the 11th and fly home from Anchorage on the 18th.  On the cheapest flights I can find that work for those days are $718/person.  That makes the cheapest possible total of about $2,640 per couple.  That's no shore excursions, no souvenirs, no cabin upgrades so you have a window.   My guess is we'll be spending close to $3,000/couple minimum.


Christa said...

I'll bet we can find better airfare prices. What's that thing called that will ding you whenever the airfare to your chosen destination goes down?

Gramps said...

It's hard because with an Alaska cruise, you need to fly into one city, and leave from another since the cruise is only one way. It makes flights a bit more expensive than usual. My guess is that when we're ready to do this, we would be best off to get a travel agent to find things for us.