Friday, June 03, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sean's Smokehouse BBQ

Chad and I like to try out new restaurants, especially little local "mom and pop" shops. The other day we noticed Sean's Smokehouse BBQ near the Walmart here in Saratoga Springs, so we decided to check it out for dinner tonight. If we were to describe it in one word: "Hits the spot."

Very yummy and well priced (especially for a BBQ place). The total for all three of us (Emmy had a corn dog and fries) was $20.62. Chad ordered the pork sandwich and sweet potato fries. They have a whole bunch of homemade sauces to pour on top. He tried a really hot one and loved it (sorry, we can't remember the name of it). I had the Buffalo Ranch wings---YUM! I had BBQ Beans on the side--another YUM. I haven't had beans like them.

One of the owners (Sean) was out greeting all the guests going from table to table, and he gave us some noodle salad to try (good, but not what we were in the mood for). He said they make everything from scratch. No canned beans at all. The BBQ beans have 5 different kinds of beans in it, and he said it alone has won awards at cook-offs. He said he and the other Sean who own the place have other jobs (that he said he has no plans to quit), but they do this restaurant on the side. They started out just doing cook-offs together, then they realized they were pretty good because they kept winning, so they decided to make a restaurant. The atmosphere of the place is fun too.

So there you have it. We highly recommend it and would love to bring anyone there next time you're in our neck of the woods. We went out to support a local place, and this place definitely did not disappoint.

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Gramps said...

Good to know. Maybe we'll try it some day.