Monday, June 13, 2011

Three little ladies

It's hard to beat barbecue'd hamburgers.  That's what we had yesterday.  Num Num.  A great summertime meal, though we didn't have the fresh tomatos or corn.  We DID have fresh radishes from Emmy's garden however! (in the salad) The three girls played in the playhouse, on the swing, on the trampoline.  It's interesting that the girls are enjoying the top part of the playhouse more than they ever have before.   Earlier this year, the kids would play, but not together.  They just kind of tolerated each other.   Now they are *starting* to play together.  At least what one does, the others want to do so it's a flock thing.  It won't be long until they are heading off together arm in arm to get away from the adults and play.  The mesh fence along the back is doing it's job.  We don't have to worry as much about the little ones falling in the stream.  It started out being a cool morning, but by afternoon the temperature was just right for being outside.   The adults sat on the patio while the kids played.   We miss you Buff!  I'm already looking forward to a great holiday season with my Buffalo.

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Marilyn said...

We missed Brett's and Christa's family, but it was still fun!