Saturday, June 25, 2011

moving in status

5 minutes after Steve purchased or hotel rooms for 3 days, our landlord called and said that we could stay at the house.    Of course, the hotel is non-refundable.
So we've started moving in.  the problem is that they are still remodeling.  So, we can't put anything in the basement, kitchen, or bathroom (at all).  And anything we put in the living room will be promptly covered in dust.  So we have 1 room piled literally to the ceiling with boxes, and we've attempted to set up our bedrooms.  But we've pretty much completed everything we can do until construction is done which may not be for another week.  Since we have a hotel (that we don't need) we were at least excited to have a fridge there.  but once we checked in they informed us that our room didn't have one (they ran out).  So, it's out to the grocery store or resturant for every single meal.  What a pain!  I just want to have a house/kitchen/bathroom again!


Gramps said...

Is Lydia happy to have a house now?

Marilyn said...

Did you find enough of the girls toys so that they are happier?
Seems to me that if you got the hotel with the criteria that it had a fridge, since they didn't meet their end of the deal, you shouldn't need to pay them. Can't you get a refund?
I am kinda surprised that you would move in (HOME) when you can't move in yet...since the hotel was paid, why did you decide to go to camp out in your house?