Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun in utah

Blogging for Buffs benefit since everyone else knows this.
The girls have been having a blast in utah. after a long car ride, and Lydia letting everyone know she was "all done" with the car, we arrived in all of our sticky glory. The girls were as excited as can be. Lydia remembered the rocking horse and quickly claimed it as her own. She squeels and gets very mad if any other child approaches her rocking horse.
Lydia barely ate anything for the first 24 hours she was here because she was much too busy playing. But she made up for it yesterday at Artic Circle where she downed a ton of food. She was a tiny bottomless pit!
Lots of cuteness and fun was to be had a Artic Circle. Emmy stuck her mouth over the entire top of an ice cream cone and downed it in no time. She was a little sticky in the end, but I think she enjoyed it. Kiera and Benjamin had lots of fun playing together dispite the age and gender difference. Jacob laughed at all the kids running around and going down the slide, and little Ty was full of smile and nearly killed himself by running down the slide (yes, on his feet) twice.
There were only 3 in attendance at the semiannual DI trip. Grandma found the best find: a $3 swing which she donated to dastrups.
I am very excited about was warmer weather coming soon. We want to play outside!

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Gramps said...

Yea for Nelson's in Utah! I would have done the DI trip but SOMEONE had to watch the munchkins.