Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here's a link to the album with a bunch of REALLY GOOD pictures in it and I highly recommend looking at the whole album.  Otherwise, here are a few select pictures from it:
We went to the Dastrup house this evening for dinner. I must say, the curry we had was delicious...compliments to the chef. The kids had a grand time playing...we had some races, and we danced. Again, the littlest munchkins didn't quite catch the vision of playing TOGETHER...but by next year they will. More activities in the next few days and more pictures coming. Wish you were with us Buff/Brigham/Katie!


Katie Groneman said...

Looks awesome! Too bad my trip overlapped... lame... Although I got to go swimming in a lake which was pretty cool (well warm), and was completely unlike swimming in any lakes in Utah right now (burr).

Chad said...

Fun times!