Monday, June 07, 2010

Sunday at the Groneman PUs

Mid-day, I went out to my swing to read a book and take a nap..(the nap is never planned but it almost always happens).   We had a video chat with Cambrie/Lydia/Kiera (Steve was at church).  They had their dolls lined up in front of the couch.  Kiera was so excited and talked about coming to Utah to play in the playhouse and with Benjamin!  Kiera also shared her tea party with us. Lyda danced a little but was mostly just confused about these grandparents on the computer screen. 4 more days!  We were just settling in for the afternoon when Christa called and invited us to dinner at her house.  Of course we went.   Ty wanted to be held by his mom when we got there and nothing would disuade him from it for a while.  Jacob was watching his "show" downstairs in the cool.  Benjamin learned a new song he liked about skunks.
He also told me about a book he was reading about a special glass elevator that could go up in space and the aliens could twist themselves into letter shapes.  Sounds cool. Hot day. Last night after we got home from Christa's house, it hailed marble sized hail stones....good thing it didn't last too long. It was thundering, and lightning-ing (how do you say that?) and we had some heavy rain for a few minutes. It cooled things down which was good.  I saw Buff's post and pictures.  With all those little frogs around, she could start saving money by fixing frog legs for dinner.  Good idea?


Marilyn said...

Yes, it was a great day!
Thanks for the invite, Christa!

Cambrie said...

that is one thing I miss about Utah: the summer evening storms

Marilyn said...

well, you will likely see some while you are here, as they are in the forcast. Bring a coat for your little ones at the MTN.