Thursday, June 03, 2010

What good people

Marilyn was at Christa's house helping out yesterday and I was figuring to get home and mow the lawn then fix myself dinner.  Brett called me on my way home and asked if I wouldn't mind joining them for BBQ vinegar chicken and as I drove in the driveway I noticed the lawns were mowed.  Brett had fixed the chicken, and baked squash in the solar oven, and had a frozen fruit thingy....and we had chocolate chip cookies.....soft ones....for dessert. Wow.  What a great day!  Marilyn was telling me about all the work up at the Dastrup house and what a helper Ty is in the garden.  She says he likes to throw dirt down the window wells.  Jacob apparently is obsessed with breaking into the office room (where the computer is).  Christa hasn't found the box with his "shows" in it yet so he's kind of bored.  I read on Facebook yesterday that Brigham missed his flight in Denver and had to stay the night there and couldn't get a flight out until 3:45 on Wed.  Bummer.  I wonder what that does to his work schedule?  BTW I plan on posting on the blog a LOT because the blog posts get emailed to Buff and I want her to know everything that's going on.  Just over a week until Nelson's visit Utah!


Marilyn said...

I seem to remember a certain gramps I know, helping out at Dastrups house a whole lot this last week too! It must be contagious!

Cambrie said...

Gardening before finding the shows? what is wrong with this picture?

Marilyn said...

She has been wishing she could plant a real garden since they lived in she was excited to get it in so she can harvest it this year!