Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heart Stopper

Today was Jacob's first day of summer school, and fortunately he seemed pretty happy to get on the bus when it came (maybe because it was a full-sized bus-- he's only had small ones in the past). Not long after he left I went grocery shopping and accidentally forgot to take my cell phone. When I got back, I was surprised and horrified to find a message from Jacob's school asking if the bus hadn't come by since he was not at school. I tried calling the number I was given back, but there was only a message. I started panicking-- imagining Jacob wandering somewhere by himself-- unable to tell anyone who he was or where he was supposed to be. I looked up another number to the school and called, and the lady said she would look into it right away and call me back immediately. Five minutes passed. Ten. Fifteen-- each minute I was getting more and more distraught. I finally packed up the boys and raced to the school. Just as I was walking into the office, I got a phone call saying that Jacob was indeed at school and apologizing for the confusion. Aparently they had more helpers out front than normal for the first day, and an over-zealous helper took him to his class instead of waiting for the teacher. When the teacher got to the buses and didn't see Jacob, she called to ask if the bus hadn't come by. All I can say is thank goodness he is safe! I'm going to get him an ID bracelet or something. The trick will be to find one that he can't get off, because I know he'll try hard!


Cambrie said...

Yikes! That would scare me! I'm so glad he is safe and was not wandering alone. Bracelet is a great idea

Katie Groneman said...

Brett had a medical bracelet that he wore for a long time (he pinched it shut with pliers). It only came off when he got hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Hopefully that will never happen to Jacob.

Apart from the crazy start, how did the rest of his day go?

Gramps said...

Your mom told me about this when I came home. My heart skipped a beat or two. I'm SO glad it was just a mix up and he was safe all along. A bracelet he couldn't get off (good luck with that) would be ideal, but next to that, something in his backpack perhaps. That's the kind of story KSL would report in a heartbeat.

Gramps said...

By the way, if you come up with something, I have an engraver pen I can engrave on metal, plastic, etc. if needed.

Chad said...

Yikers! Yeah, I can see Jacob trying to get off whatever bracelet you put on him. Eventually he'd get used to it though.

It wouldn't hurt to stuff some kind of ID & Contact information in his backpack too. But if he'll wear the bracelet, that's the best thing I think you can do.

Good luck. Hopefully there won't be any more scares, ever.