Monday, July 12, 2010

Emmy Update

Emmy is getting all grown up. This is for the Groneman History and for anyone who's interested.

Language skills:
We're pretty sure she can understand everything we say. She comes out with new words every day. She probably has over a 120 words at least that she says and I understand. Her new favorite word is "Emmy." Yes, she likes to point to herself and say, "Emmy." Then she points to me and says, "MaMa." Then she points to Chad (or a picture of Chad) and says, "Daddy." She responds to, "What's your name?" "Emmy." She is also really good at saying "Amen" after a prayer. In my grandma's funeral the opening prayer was a little long, and she kept saying "Amen" partway through. :)

Emmy knows most of her colors if you ask her to point to one. She only actually says purple, white, green, yellow, red. We play "find the color" game a lot around here. She likes it.

Alphabet and Shapes:
Emmy loves X. That's her favorite letter. She also knows H, Z, Y, E. She knows how to ask us to draw heart, star, circle.

Emmy knows what it means to count, but currently can only count "2." No, that's not count to two, but every time we're going to count, she says, "Two."

Favorite activities:
Swings. She's a daredevil on the tire swing. She loves it!
Slides. Even the big twisty slide!
Reading Books (as always)
Washing her hands
Turning the light switch off and on
Going on walks in her stroller
Harvesting from the garden (even the green strawberries and raspberries...grr)

Favorite things:
Rocks, bugs, crayons (or sidewalk chalk), Elmo doll, baby dolls, balls

Not her favorite things
Daddy leaving for work

And there you have it. We love our 19 month old!


Gramps said...

hehe...makes me smile to picture her doing each of those activities...even harvesting from the garden. Her wide eyes have always relished in taking everything in around here. She would rather watch what the adults are doing than play with her toys. It's fun to see the progress.

Cambrie said...

Great post. I love it. Man, she has Lydia beat with letters. I've taught lydia a few letter sounds, but she doesn't know how to name any of them.
she loves her daddy leaving for work?

Gramps said...

"she loves her daddy leaving for work?" That's under the NOT so favorite things category.

Marilyn said...

Oh, Erica! I didn't know your grandma died! I know it was time, but that is probably still hard for you! I'm glad you got to see her that last time. And it is a blessing she didn't have tolinger in misery!

Yes, Great post! I am sure glad we get to witness this for ourselves too. She is one cute little munchkin!