Thursday, July 29, 2010

Since you asked

My life is very busy right now. I'm working 28-32 hours per week m, f, sat, sun afternoon/evenings. Currently I only require a babysitter 1 hour per week.

I feel like I can never quite keep up with my housework with my job. Oh well. We'll live without our sheets washed every week.

When I'm not working I'm trying to spend quality time with munchkins. when they go down for naps and bed I'm doing surrogacy planning/arranging (some people pay agencies 10K to do all of this for them because there is a TON of stuff to do).

I'm also still in charge of a babysitting co-op for about 15 families in my area (mostly ward members). Lots of people just moved in for the new school year so I'm getting them started up with it which takes some time.

My calling is pretty great since I'm playgroup coordinator for my ward. I do 2 playgroups per week (1 water, 1 not). yesterday we went to Chic-Fil-A playplace. Today we are going swimming for playgroup. tough calling.

Also for my calling, once a year I'm in charge of Enrichment. Mine was last week. I've been on the committee for 2 years now and I've never seen a single enrichment that was not a dinner with major decorations, invitations, entertainment, etc.. they say they always do it that way because "people expect it" I'm not into spending 30 hours on centerpieces. So, I did mine super simple and it was a hit. I had everyone bring 2 things that were "favorites" or things they used a lot. It had to be less than $5. Everyone got a chance to explain their 2 things and put them on a tabl e (I brought a toilet brush from the dollar store and gluteon for baking). Then everyone picks numbers and in turn gets to go and pick something someone elses. Stealing is ok just like in a white elephant. It was fun, it helped people get to know eachother, everyone had a small no-pressure chance to speak in front of everyone. Great activity. Salsa afterwards (I delegated that away) and we went home. the only thing I did for the entire activity was cut up numbers, set up chairs, and make announements about it at church.

Running. I'm trying to run lately when I can. Some of the girls in my ward started a running group and we meet on saturdays to run together. I enjoy it.

Steve is busy with school . He has next to no homework which is great, but he is gone more. He usually leaves by 7:15 and gets home at 5:30. We spend time together as a family for 2 hours and then he goes back to the lab at school to make dentures and stuff until 1 am or so. He is getting more confident with his dental skills. In mid august steve will being going to Atlanta to a confrence for this government program he signed up for. There will be prospective employers out there recruiting too. But we are still leaning towards Medford right now.

There is our full-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know update. where is YOURS?


Gramps said...

Nice post! Enjoyed it thoroughly. (Love the two California ladies standing by their car). I vote Cambrie be in charge of all Groneman family Christmas parties from now on...what's your vote?

Katie Groneman said...

Wow! Sounds crazy...

And what's gluteon?

Erica said...

What a fun post to read! Very entertaining. And I'm amazed by all you're doing. You go girl!!!

I love the idea for enrichment. Maybe we'll have to do something similar for mutual one of these nights... :) Where did you get the idea?

Cambrie said...

Erica-- got the idea from another ward in our area that did something similar.

Katie-- Gleuton is what makes bread chewy and good.