Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lydia antics

If I was on my home computer I could post some cute pictures. But it is this or nothing folks because I'm at works using steve's laptop right now.

I was on a very important phone call yesterday during the girls' nap when I turned around and saw Lydia playing. I kept talking on the phone and went and put her back in her bed. 2 minutes later she was out again. So after I hung up I went and put her back in her bed and peeked through the door crack watching her climb out of her crib (she mastered climbing out of pack and plays a few weeks ago). She was using part of a rail to step on so thankfully I could remove that part. I watched her after that try to climb out for about 10 minutes. She can almost do it, but not quite. It won't be long though. Kiera was sleeping in a toddler bed at this age and ALWAYS stayed in her bed and went to sleep, but I know Lydia will not be the same. As soon as she can escape that will be the end of the nap (which she is very ready to drop anyway)

Whenever Kiera gets and "owie" Lydia goes and gives her a kiss on her most accessable body part. Usually her arm or her back. Today Kiera got hurt while crawling and put her head on the floor and bottom in the air while she cried. Lydia trotted right on over and kissed her right on her little bootie. I would have loved to have had a camera for that one.

Kiera has grown out of the cinderella dress that auntie buffalo gave her. I was thinking I was going to have to break down and buy a princess dress since Lydia has taken over cinderella. However, Kiera has decided that the much used/abused pink dress that grandma made for her is asleeping beauty dress. The seams are ripped, the dress is stained, I had to cut off the entire top ruffle since it was falling off. But Kiera feels beautiful in it which is what counts. Debating on whether or not I should let her wear it for halloween. The thing looks hashed!


Gramps said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that Lydia is more of an escape artist than Kiera was? :-) Sweet little Lydia for trying to make her big sister feel better. You may just want to think about buying Kiera a prom dress she can wear while she grows into it. :-) Yer mom will have to watch at DI for an appropriate dress up dress. Thanks for sharing this snapshot of your lives. So tell us about how Steveo is doing, what's coming up for him, etc. And how about my Punkin? I know the princesses are 99% of your life, but anything interesting you've been doing or are going to do?

Marilyn said...

Good post! Yes, those kind of kisses from Lydia won't last for long...and she will be mortified as a teen that she EVER did that! :)
Wish we could get some more posts out of some more people in the family...not to name names, but their initials are Dastrups. :)