Thursday, July 01, 2010

Come again? Yep.

Yep, we are coming again (minus Steve).

We will be coming some time at the end of the summer (I won't post when for privacy reasons but mom or dad can tell you). So me n the girls are going to fly out the day before Lydia's 2nd birthday (she'll be free!!) and then we'll fly out 2 weeks later.

Why? You may ask. For our surrogacy experience!!! I'll be driving from ut to Boise for about 6 days (where Steve will be joining me for a weekend medical-vacation-get-away). Then I'll drive back to Ut and fly home. Since they won't know exact dates until we are there and I didn't want to have to change flights (which was almost guaranteed if I flew there, I decided just to go to Ut and drive. Mom is going to watch my kiddos (thanks mom!!) Kiera is VERY excited about going back to Utah and asks about when we are going daily.

Last night I tied up the very last loose end on this surrogacy. We are good to go and well into the process medically, legally, and financially. I'm so excited!!!


Erica said...


Katie Groneman said...

Maybe I'll actually get to see you this time! Of course, school will be started... lame. Congrats guys!

Marilyn said...

Perhaps you could remember to bring some better weather with ya next time!