Sunday, July 18, 2010

To The Mountain

I took Friday off and had planned to go ATV riding for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR.....but the weight of things that needed to be done kept nagging at the back of my mind so yer mother and I decided to spend Friday/Saturday at the mountain getting things done there.  We made great progress.  I sealed up all the mouse holes in the bottom of Grandma's trailer (now ours) and took care of some other minor fixit jobs while your mom did a super clean job on the inside. I'm proud to announce that after 3 years, that trailer is once again very livable.   Of course, being up at the mountain when it was 100 degrees down in the valley was pretty nice.  The thermometer read 85 which is warm, but sitting in the shade of pine and aspen trees it wasn't so bad.   We had just finished our seal/clean project Saturday afternoon and had sat down when I heard a car coming up the road.  Lo and behold, it was Emmy, who had brought her parents with her!  They were tired of the heat in the valley and had also decided to get out of Dodge and head for the hills and cooler weather and a hot dog roast.   What a pleasant surprise!  We didn't know they were coming up and they didn't know we were there.   Little Emmy wasn't feeling great....she had a bit of a fever.  She did enjoy the squirrels however.  She first called them cats, but later squirrels (if you knew what she was saying).  There are 4 squirrels that are living in our area now that Grandpa hasn't spread DeCon around the place.  Every time we go to the mountain, they get more brave.  Marilyn has been throwing stale banana chips out to them and yesterday the mama squirrel decided we weren't much of a threat because she would come to within about 10 feet of us and more or less ignore us while looking for more banana chips.  Oh....Emmy said the squirrel says "moo".   ANYWAY.....we now have multiple trailers for people to eat/sleep in.  We're going ATV riding with our friends the Kirks the weekend of the 30th but we'll pro'ly go to the mountain again this coming weekend to escape the heat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Anyone is more than welcome to come join us.  Is Benjamin available for kidnapping this coming weekend?  If Dastrups don't decide to come to the mountain, I'd at least like to FINALLY take Benjamin up and go camping with him.   What say ye Christa?


Erica said...

Such a fun surprise for us too!

Although I learned that it's not too fun around a campfire in that heat, we still had a great outing.

Marilyn said...

See, people? Stale food has a purpose in life too! We became good friends with the squirrel. She even came right up to the door of our trailer and stood there looking in like, "Hello aren't doing a very good job of feeding me right now..."